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Message of the Chairman

Welcome on the website of the French Committee of Dams and Reservoirs

Dams have fed controversy in the western world in recent years. In the early 2000s, the World Commission on Dams, with the support of the World Bank and the International Union for Conservation of Nature, virtually shut down the dams. In our country too, the beneficial role of dams is not always perceived by the public and the authorities.

But the situation is changing. At the global level, a consensus has been re-established on the positive and indispensable role of dams in meeting the basic needs of the planet in the context of global population growth and climate change adaptation. Once again, dams and among others hydroelectric dams are supported by major international donors.

In France, the construction of new dams today occupies a minor place in the concerns of our profession. On the other hand, French dams provides 13% of our electrical energy and 33% of renewable electricity. Dams contribute significantly to the supply of drinking water and irrigation. Dams and levees help protect against floods. Our challenge today is the intelligent management of this rich heritage, so as to guarantee these services in a sustainable and economical way.

Dams are also at the heart of the challenges of the future. Water storage is a relevant tool for adapting to climate change, which involves increasing the frequency of extreme events of drought or floods. It is also the most efficient technology for storing energy in the context of the ongoing energy transition and the explosion of intermittent energies (solar, wind, tide).

Bringing together all the players in the profession (Administration, Project Managers, Design Offices, Companies and Research Organizations), the CFBR is the place for reflection and consensus building on these important issues.

Michel Lino

Chairman of CFBR